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  • When to use Gel Ice Packs for Pain and How?

Every day you perform various tasks – from exercising, driving, household chores, and office work to participating in sports or lifting some heavy objects – at home and office. So, it’s likely to get a muscle pulled, fracture, or a bruise now or then.

Pain is an inevitable part of our life but it surely doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything to relieve it. Sometimes all you need is simple Gel Ice Packs to ease pain and promote quicker healing.

But have you ever wondered what makes gel ice packs so effective for relieving pain? In this article, we will discuss everything you must be aware of using these effective products for easing out pain or injury.

How Ice Gel Pack Works?

Applying cold therapy or ice gel packs is considered to be effective in alleviating pain, fresh injuries, or aches. An ice-cold pack works by constricting one’s blood vessels and hence, slows down the inflammation and reduces any redness and swelling simultaneously.

The best thing about ice gel packs is that these are reusable, affordable, and available in different sizes for various pain-relieving purposes.

What are Ice Gel Packs consist of?

Ice gel packs (found on online stores or pharmacy stores) are made from non-toxic and high-quality materials. The ice gel packs consist of special filtered Canadian water gel that’s nicely encased in puncture-resistant and highly strong plastic for preventing leakage. It even enables the pack to maintain the cold temperature and consistency for a longer duration.

How to Use Gel Packs?

Using or applying ice gel packs is easy. You simply need to place it in the freezer for around two hours or let it stay overnight for emergency use. Always lay the ice gel pack flat in a freezer to ensure that it’s easy to mold to any injured body part.

For preventing yourself from ice burn, you must not use ice gel in a certain area for more than 15 to 20 minutes. You may repeat the application after regular intervals in a day. However, make sure that the skin has returned to its normal condition before you reapply the ice gel pack.

Remember: Cold therapy is most effective when applied within the 48 hours of the injury. So, it’s essential to apply the pack as quickly as possible.

When to Use Ice Gel Packs

Ice gel packs are often used for soothing fresh injuries and acute pain. These are also effective to be used for alleviating ligament sprains, bruises, muscle strains, or any other sports injuries. You may even use them to relieve muscle spasms and some forms of arthritis. Some other tissue fatigue injuries for which you can use ice gel packs are patellofemoral pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, etc.

When to AVOID Ice Gel Packs

There are some cases when using ice gel packs can do more damage than good. So:


Gel Ice Packs are an excellent option for relieving injury, joint, or muscle pain. These are safe to use, as well as effective and versatile, for alleviating different types of pains. Besides relieving the pain, they help in slowing down redness and inflammation while speeding up the healing process.