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An Ice Blanket is an ice pack in the shape of an ice sheet or a small blanket. It is a useful product, as it has a lot of practical uses. Ice blankets are usually non-toxic and help preserve perishable food items, maintain refrigerated temperatures and elongate the shelf life of various other products and in cold therapy. An ice blanket typically uses less space than an ice pack while providing more benefits and distributing cold evenly during its application. It is also more flexible and easy to wrap, thus offering more advantages than an ordinary ice pack or gel pack. Let us look at various uses of ice blankets:

Transportation of Vaccines, Blood Samples and Other Sensitive Pharmaceutical Products:-

ice blanket

It is a well-known fact that many medical test samples, serums, vaccines, and other sensitive items need to be transported at a lower temperature to avoid contamination and loss of efficacy. Hence, ice blankets are used by immunization organizations and medical professionals to safely transport blood, serum, plasma and other blood derivatives at low temperatures. They are also used to transport vaccines and heat-labile diagnostics to save them from becoming ineffective.

Picnics, Sports gatherings and Travel:-

Ice blankets are also great for preserving perishable food items, as they keep them frozen or cool for a relatively long period. They can be used while packing lunches for picnics or sports gatherings. Similarly, while travelling or camping, you can freeze and then pack your meals, steak, sausages, stews, etc. by layering them with ice blankets in an icebox or portable cooler. The biggest advantage is that they can easily be wrapped around food and bottles to keep them insulated and cooler for a long time.

Cold Therapy:-

An ice blanket can also be used as an ice pack to treat minor sports injuries, muscle aches and joint pain. Unlike an ice pack, it covers more surface area and can be used as a wrap or be folded to widen the scope of its use in cold therapy. Cold therapy using an ice blanket is a great way of reducing inflammation at the site of an injury and other post-injury symptoms like swelling and pain. With the reusability of the ice blankets, you can use them for the duration of your injury recovery.

Preservation of Food items during Transportation and at Home:-

Not just for picnics or travel, ice blankets are useful for preserving food items even at your home. They are also widely used by suppliers to transport food items to various retail stores safely. Ice blankets are non-toxic and food safe products, as they don’t contaminate food even if they somehow rupture. That is why they are a reliable and affordable option for transporting food items. At home also, you can preserve your food by wrapping it up in an ice blanket and keeping it in a container, in case there is no space in the fridge or the fridge requires a repair. They can also come in handy if you decide to ship some home-made food items to a dear one via a parcel during the holidays or otherwise.

All in all, an ice blanket can be a great product because it also has other advantages to it than just its uses. It is easy to use and store while being safe for even food products. Ice blankets are also environmentally friendly, as they can be reused over and over again. You can also wash them with a mild detergent or bleach.