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For many decades, researchers and medical professionals are working hard to figure out the right ways to handle post-operative pain. But most common solutions are medications containing opioids. This drug is effective in relieving pain but has certain side effects like an addiction. However, cold compression therapy wraps are one effective way to reduce pain and heal it faster.

The therapy wraps, such as Universal Therapy Wrap, are beneficial in relieving aching or sore joints and muscles due to surgery, sports-related injuries, and other reasons. The therapy wraps come with an adjustable strap and reusable packs. You need to remove them from the wrap and place them in a freezer or even microwave. It depends on the type of therapy you need for the aches and pains.

On applying the therapy wrap around the injured or affected area with compression, you can relieve pain while treating injuries.

Benefits of Using Therapy Wraps

The following are some of the most prominent advantages of heat therapy to relieve back pain or other aches due to injuries:

Therapy Wraps Speed up the Recovery Process

The therapy wraps promote healing with increased blood flow to the muscles in your back or any other affected area. For instance, if you use a back therapy wrap, it delivers more oxygen, WBCs, and platelets to the affected area. Due to this, the essential nutrients reach the damaged tissues while helping them to recover faster.

If we talk specifically about the Universal Therapy Wrap, it combines the insulated Neoprene outer shell with the re-freezable inner layer that includes 100% non-toxic liquid. Cold compression therapy is useful for sports injuries, particularly recent injuries. For, it reduced swelling while starting the recovery process.

However, cold therapy must be combined with compression therapy for a speedy recovery. The cold factor usually lasts for around 20 minutes, as per the medical professionals. And, the compression therapy may go on for many hours.

Soothe Injured Joints, Muscles, and Tissues

The cold therapy wraps provide quick relief from minor injuries like sprains or bruises. This therapy decreases inflammation that leads to acute pain and also speeds up the healing time. For instance, ankle sprains are easy to treat with cold compression therapy wrap within a week. On the other hand, it may take up to 10 days to recover other injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tendonitis, shin splints, cubital tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis. The therapy wrap is even beneficial for relieving pain in arthritis patients.

Recharge Muscles after Workout or Gym

Most athletes use cryotherapy for injury or muscle recovery after exercising. Due to the cold treatment, the muscles tend to repair themselves. It also prepares athletes for the next training session. In a recent study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, some researchers observed that cryotherapy helps in reducing muscle pain in 80% of observed subjects. It even helped improve athletic recovery, as well as performance, in 71% of medical studies. Therefore, when you incorporate cryotherapy into your post-workout routine, it can increase the recovery times.

Provides Additional Pain Relief

Using a 3-in-1 therapy wrap can help you relieve migraine pains and headaches. According to one study, neck wraps with ice packs helped in numbing the nerves and reduced the symptoms in participants. Thanks to cold therapy wrap, you can even alleviate dermatitis and other conditions related to skin. Besides, it helps with mood disorders and nerve irritations.


Are you ready to cool down the pain levels in your body? Check out Axizz Universal therapy wrap and other cold compression wraps. Therapy wraps help in relieving post-surgical and other injuries, as well as discomforts. When combined with compression, such products go beyond the homemade pain-relieving packs. Moreover, these packs are easy to adjust for universal sizes.