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  • Keep Your Flower Fresh For a Long Time Using the Florist Gel

Have you ever wondered how the florist keeps their flowers fresh for a long time even they are in transit to you? No more wonder because Florist Gel is behind the refreshment of flowers staying longer. Are you thinking about how it is possible? Keep reading the blog because we have mentioned all the information about the flower gel. It is helpful for you in many situations and occasions.

What are floral gel and its uses?

Flora gel is a water-absorbent polymer, which can absorb and retain the huge quantities of the water. This new, exciting, and innovative product has unique and decorative properties, which renders freshness and extended life to the cut flowers. It is majorly accessed in flower arrangements but can be utilized for several applications.

You can even use it for a creative purpose. It helps you to make any kind of floral arrangement, which is exciting, eye-catching, and unique. According to your needs, you can access a single color or express your creativity with multiple colors. It can be also accessed with synthetic, silk, and dry flowers to render them a more appealing and beautiful look.

Using the flower gel, you can bring all your innovative and creative ideas. Additionally, you can make a decorative arrangement without any special skills and make each decoration the masterpiece. You can use this gel in candles, weddings decorations, parties, retail store displays, and parties. Using this gel, you can create special effects in theaters, advertising, and photo shoots.

How to make up flora gel?

If you wish to make up Florist Gel, then you need to take two teaspoons of the flora gel dry crystals. Add the crystals to one liter of water and let it for 12-24hours to get fully hydrated. Later, you can drain the excess water. Now, the two teaspoons of the floral gel will make approximately one liter of the hydrated gel. As per your needs, you can use the products.

How to use the flora gel for cut flowers?

Once flowers have completed flowering, you need to dispose of flowers and empty the hydrated flora gel into the sieve or colander. Do not forget to rinse under running water to remove the contaminants, which have been left in the flower. You can soak the gel in water overnight and put back into the vase for use again. Whenever you are accessing floral gel for cut flowers, they begin to get a small, which cannot be washed away and dispose into the pot plant or garden.