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  • How to Treat Your Joint Pain Using Hot Gel Packs in Winters

Do you know that joint pain is a common reason for many to seek medical attention? Many people need the help of a doctor to cure their joint pain because everyone experiences different sorts of joint pain. It can be due to an injury, sleeping position or any other reason.

Usually, the pain may go away on its own in a day or two. But if it persists for more than three months, you need to take appropriate measures. The severe pain that needs medical intervention can get instant relief with an instant heat compress.

You may have heard of ice and heat therapy to treat pain. But you must know the correct way of using it. In this article, we discuss pain relief with heat treatment via hot gel packs.

What is Heat Therapy?

The purpose of heat therapy is to soothe the pain in a specific area of your body. It usually works by enhancing the temperature around a particular body area like a muscle that’s in pain. When the body’s temperature increases, it enhances blood circulation and flow. With increased blood circulation, your pain eases and discomfort goes away. It’s because the increased blood circulation and blood flow helps in healing the damaged tissues.

One effective way to give heat therapy is by using hot gel packs. You just need to microwave these gel packs for a few seconds and put them on the affected area. This is how you can make the joint or muscle feel relaxed.

How to Apply Heat to Joint Pain

You have to apply “local” heat when treating joint pain. You can use the hot gel pack or heat patches on the affected area. It gives intensive treatment to the affected area. You must apply low heat for an extended period.

However, if the pain is widespread, you can use “regional” heat therapy. For this, you can apply a steam towel or a big heating pack. A “full-body” heat procedure is often recommended if the pain is even more widespread. One best way to offer full heat to relieve the pain is a hot bathtub.

No matter you are targeting a small area or the pain in different body parts, heat therapy is an effective treatment. If you are treating minor joint pain, you can heat the area for up to 50 minutes. But if you are addressing severe pain, you can apply heat therapy for up to 30 minutes or two hours straight.

The hot gel packs offer instant relief from the injury. You can easily get them over the counter at a pharmacy store or online. However, for more serious joint pain, you must seek medical help. Only the doctor can advise you on the best treatment to alleviate joint pain.

When to Call a Doctor?

If your joint pain persists even after applying the instant heat pack, you should call a doctor. You may require other treatments to reduce the pain. But only follow the treatment methods suggested by the doctor.

The experienced and professional musculoskeletal team can provide you with advanced therapies and treatments. From osteoporosis to arthritis and trauma, various issues can get treated with different treatments available.  So, you must consult the doctor to relieve your joint pain.


Joint pain is a common issue that many people experience. It can be due to a small injury or a major condition like arthritis. No matter what’s the case, hot gel packs can offer you instant relief from the pain. However, if the pain still occurs, you must consult a doctor. Only a physician can guide you about how to alleviate joint pain.