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  • How To Treat Tennis Elbow: Everything You Need To Know?

Tennis Elbow is a term used for the pain and discomfort in the elbow and arm caused by the inflammation and swelling of the tendons connecting lower arm muscles to the bone. It is not something that only a tennis player experiences, you can get it even if you have never played tennis. Anybody who engages in repetitive gripping activities that strain muscles and tendons in the arm is susceptible to tennis elbow at some point or the other in their life. Carpentry, painting, raking, typing, knitting, tennis, and squash can give you this particular type of pain and discomfort.

Tennis Elbow Symptoms:-

Tennis elbow mainly causes pain in the bony knob present on the outside of your elbow. However, one might feel pain in the upper or lower arm as well. This condition is likely to cause the most pain when you make a fist, grip an object, lift something, turn a doorknob, and raise or shake your hand. Your doctor would make you turn and twist your arm, wrist, and elbow to see where exactly it hurts. If needed, even an X-ray or MRI can also be done to figure out the exact problem.

How to Prevent Tennis Elbow?

The main reason responsible for Tennis elbow is overuse and overstraining of muscles. Therefore, the best way to prevent it is to avoid overuse. If you feel pain during any activity, immediately stop and take a break. Another reason that brings on tennis elbow is using the wrong equipment, such as too heavy a tennis racket or using the wrong technique. Other things you can do to prevent tennis elbow is stretch and warm up before any sport or exercise and use Tennis Elbow Wrap.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Options:-

Following are some of the most effective and easy home tennis elbow treatment options and self-care tips you can follow –

1. Rest

Rest is the easiest and most effective step that you can take to get rid of tennis elbow. You must realize that the pain and discomfort have come because of repetitive strain that you have put onto the tendons and muscles in your arm. Chances are high that the pain will subside if you give your elbow and arm the rest that it deserves. Discomfort would go, as rest will help muscles and tendons recover from damage.

2. Pain Medication

Pain Medication

If the pain is unbearable or you simply wish to get rid of the discomfort way too early, then you can try out pain medications. They would relieve the inflammation and swelling, and you would, hopefully, be back to normal pretty soon.

3. Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and cold therapy can be an effective treatment for tennis elbow at home. Just after sustaining the injury, you can apply a cold pack for alleviating swelling and pain. If you are suffering from tennis elbow and stiff muscles for long, you can try out heat therapy to promote blood flow in the area. It will help relax muscles and facilitate healing.

4. Braces or Wraps

tennis elbow wrap

You can buy a high-quality tennis elbow wrap for treating your tennis elbow successfully at home. It would help realign the muscle fibers and ease pressure on the area.

5. Exercise

elbow Exercise

After a good initial rest, you should start exercising your elbow, arm, and wrist for a fast recovery. There are some simple yet effective stretches and exercises that work wonders for treating tennis elbow. You can consult a physician or physiotherapist if need be or can simply try out the most suitable stretches and exercises from the web.