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Air conditioners and fans are enough to save you from the heat inside your home or office, but what about when you step outside? A simple, convenient and trendy answer is a Cooling Bandana. It is a mini scarf that you can wear around the neck or the head to save your body from the scorching heat. A Personal Cooling Bandana is a must for outdoor activities like gardening, farming, cycling, camping, lounging at a beach or even attending an outdoor event.

A cooling bandana differs from a regular bandana, which is made only from a fabric. Cooling bandanas, on the other hand, have water crystals or a gel packed inside the fabric to absorb water and provide a cooling effect through evaporation. They, nevertheless, provide the same good looks as an accessory that a regular bandana provides.

How Cooling Bandana Regulates Your Body Temperature?


Cooling bandanas help cool the blood flow through the carotid artery in the neck. The basic process that is used to help keep your body cool is evaporation. Usually, the bandana needs to be soaked in water before use and the water crystals or gel inside the bandana absorbs the water, which evaporates in the heat providing the cooling effect.

Use and Maintenance

Most of the cooling bandanas require you to soak them in water before using them. The material inside it absorbs the water, making the bandana firm yet flexible and keeping you cool upon usage. These bandanas can be worn either on the neck or the head. The gel or crystals inside a bandana lose the absorbed water through evaporation within a stipulated time, which is usually a few hours and may vary in range, depending on the price and quality of your bandana. After absorbing the water completely, the scarf stops giving the cooling effect and needs to be soaked in the water once again.

The best part is that these bandanas can be used again and again, as they are highly sustainable and durable. You can keep it in an unsealed plastic bag in the refrigerator. Keeping them sealed can cause mould and ruin them. Similarly, refrigeration is okay but leaving them in the freezer can prove detrimental to the bandana’s functioning.

These neck scarves can be easily washed but some care has to be taken while doing so. When it is firm, take a few drops of dishwashing liquid in your hands, work up lather and rub it around the bandana. Rinse it with cold tap water and dry it off using a cloth.


Buying a personal cooling bandana is an inexpensive yet essential decision to make in the areas with scorching heat. But it may also be beneficial otherwise, for example, it might help in making your workouts more fruitful. Overheating the body results in the reduction of our endurance levels; implying that use of a cooling bandana can bring more intensity into your workout and consequently produce better results.

People with conditions that make them prone to overheating also benefit greatly from a cooling bandana. Menopausal women can be an example on point. Cooling bandanas are also great for helping relieve fevers, headaches, hot flashes and more.

To sum up, cooling bandanas are a lifesaver when it comes to facing the heat outside. They also help in regulating the body temperature in other situations, e.g. during workouts or fevers or conditions resulting in overheating the body, as well. One must consider investing in cooling bandanas because they are effective, fairly inexpensive, highly sustainable & durable and also serve styling purposes.