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  • Flower Decoration Ideas for Wedding Day and How to Keep Them Fresh by Using Florist Gel?

When it comes to wedding decorations, probably the very first thing that comes to your mind is colourful flowers. Be it enhancing the decor and ambience or showering the newly wedded couple with petals, flowers are a significant part of any wedding.

Earlier what used to be simple garlands have now turned into complexly woven garlands with a wide range of flowers and carefully created bouquets. No matter you prefer a traditional style or contemporary layout, adding fresh flowers to a wedding decor won’t go out of fashion.

If you’re wondering what could be the unique ways to add fresh flowers to wedding decorations, here are a few ideas:

Flower Curtains on the Entryway

To make your entrance look grand, you can place a curtain made of white or colourful flowers near the entrance door.

Stage and Aisle

wedding aisle

If you are considering decoration for a Christian wedding, you can consider decorating the stage and aisle with flowers. However, leave some space for guests to enter their seats while decking up the sides with refreshing flowers.

Swing with the Flowers

You can place a swing as the wedding stage rather than a sofa or couch. Furthermore, decorate it with floral garlands in red, white and other coloured flowers.

Wedding Stage

wedding stage

The wedding stage where the bride and groom will be seated after the wedding can be decorated with flowers. You can attach flowers on the sides of your stage’s entrance or the steps of the stage. You may even cover the backside of the sofa on the stage with fresh flowers. To keep your flowers fresh you can use Florist Ice. This is a best way to keep your flowers fresh for all wedding days.

Ways to Make Flowers Last Longer:-

Now that you’ve got ideas to decorate wedding areas with fresh flowers, you need to know certain ways to keep your flowers last longer. Here’s how you can keep your flowers fresh for a long duration:

Keep them in Cold Temperature

When you bring fresh flowers for decoration, you need to keep them at a cold temperature. To prolong the life of flowers, you can store them in a refrigerated cooler at around 34 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep them fresh for the time of decorations.

Get Rid of Dry Petals

If you notice one or two dry petals on your flowers, it’s best to remove them, as dry petals can contaminate your beautiful blooms. You need to keep your cut flowers in all right places to make a noticeable impact and prolong their life. Also, keep them in shade away from sunlight to ensure that the flowers remain fresh and last longer.

Use Florist Gel

Florist Gel

You can also consider using Florist Gel to prolong the life of fresh flowers. Flora gel is a water-absorbent polymer that can retain water in flowers. This innovative product is useful during decoration to ensure that the flowers look fresh and lively for a long duration.

You can even use these products for creative purposes like making floral arrangements. As per your preference, you can use a single colour or multi-colour flowers for decorations to make the surrounding area appear more beautiful and visually appealing.


Whether it’s a spring wedding or a winter wedding, flowers are important for decoration. However, when it comes to decoration for a lockdown wedding, you need to know certain ways to keep your flowers fresh for the special decor. You can follow the given ideas to improve the life of your fresh flowers to make them last longer during the wedding.