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  • Different Flower Decoration Ideas and How You can Keep Flowers Fresh for a Long Time?

One of the oldest known methods of enhancing the aesthetics of a home or a social setting is floral decoration. Besides providing an aesthetic appeal, flowers also spread soothing fragrances, making flowers pleasant for the eye and nose simultaneously. Another advantage is the variety of flowers available to decorate. Flowers, ranging in different color, shapes and sizes, provide a lot of options to get creative with flower arrangements at your home or office.

Floral Decoration Ideas

There’s no dearth of existing floral decoration ideas but one can also get creative with the process and come up with unique methods of arranging flowers in a visually appealing manner. The process of decorating a setting with flowers is pretty fun and creative. Here are some floral decoration ideas to help you:

Combining Thread and Flowers

It is one of the popular methods of flower decoration. One way is to use a thread along a wall and tie flowers and leaves around it. By tying one end to a flower vase, it would give a visual of a flower vine growing out from a vase. Another common way is to join flowers with a thread passing in between them, similar to a garland. This method is commonly used during Indian festivities and gives a pretty look when tied around entrances or doors.

Floating Flowers

The beauty of this method is that it even works with dried flowers. All one needs to do is to cut the stems of the flowers and let the remaining parts of the flower float on a water-filled vessel (preferably transparent). Candles or fragrant oils can also be added to increase the aesthetic and aromatic appeal of decorations.

A Basket or a Pot

flower Basket

A simple yet attractive way to use flowers is to keep them in a basket or a vase at any easily visible corner of the house. There are opportunities to get creative with this method as well. For example, some people also use teapots or saucers to keep flowers. Likewise, you can come up with your method.

Hanging in the Air

You can also make flower balls or a chandelier and hang from the ceiling to give a less common and beautiful look to any setting. These methods come off as innovative and good looking and thus, can transform any decor.

Keeping Flowers Fresh:

Flowers are easily perishable but by following some basic steps, they can last longer while looking fresh. To keep flowers fresh, the growth of bacteria needs to be prevented, as they fasten the decaying process of the flower. Another important factor is providing nourishment to flower, and sugar can help in this process. Some helpful tips to keep your flower fresh are as follows:

By following these tips your flowers would last longer and provide a naturally beautiful appeal. Flowers are an inexpensive and traditional way of decorating homes. With some effort and care, they can make any setting more appealing.