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Your dog in heat is not diseased, as it is just a condition that requires normal treatment. But it can be quite irritating to deal with, especially to shoo away stray dogs lining up around your female dog. So, taking a walk with your pet can be frustrating for you, as well as your furry friend.

Many dogs get heat every six months. However, the larger dog breeds experience it every eight months. But the time often lasts for around 7 to 10 days. Spaying your female dog is one solution. But what to do if surgery is not happening due to some condition or there’s some other reason?

Well, in that case, you need to get the right dog cooling products to make your pet feel better. These products not only make your dog feel comfortable but some of them even make their potential mates less eager while making you feel stress-free.

What are the Signs to Identify Your Dog is in Heat?

For that time, you have to keep the leash handy, as your dog may want to urinate more during the heat. You can notice their vulva is swollen, red or large with some blood-tinted discharge or bleeding itself.

Your dog is likely to bleed for half of its total cycle – normally 7 to 10 days. The bigger dogs tend to bleed heavily than smaller dogs. However, it may vary from a dog to another. Some may bleed very little or heavy. If you take care of your dog’s grooming and hygiene, you won’t notice much blood spotting around your home.

However, when your dog is in heat, she may:

Although your dog will bleed, she won’t be in pain in heat. However, it can make your pet feel fidgety and uncomfortable. If the symptoms are causing her pain, you may consult a vet.

How to Care for your Dog in Heat?

Here are some simple tips to take care of your dog in heat:

1. Give More Attention

Your dog may feel more vulnerable during heat, so you need to make her feel secure and comfortable. Giving her some extra attention that she is craving can keep her hormones in control. You can also try some dog cooling products like a dog cooling vest or padding to soothe her.

2. Distract

Try to distract your dog by playing some game with her. It will make her forget the uncomfortable feeling. Even exercise can help her feel relaxed. It will also get her tired so that she can enjoy a nap after the exercise or game.

3. Get Rid of Smells

Since the hormonal smells can attract male dogs, close the doors and windows of your house to minimize male dog contact. Also, keep your female dog clean to avoid the unwanted smell of heat.

4. Maintain her Hygiene

You have to maintain proper hygiene by making her bath at least twice a day. You can also put diapers on after bathing to prevent any mess. It will also minimize smells that attract male dogs.

Keep your Dog Comfortable with Cooling Products

Here are some cooling products to make your dog feel comfortable during the heat:

1. Dog Cooling Pad: While some cooling pads need refrigeration, others don’t need to be kept in a refrigerator or any plug-in for cooling. The latter type of cooling pad starts cooling as soon as your dog steps on it. There is a gel formula in those cooling pads that absorbs body heat while reducing body temperature.

2. Dog Cooling Vest: A dog cooling vest is also a great product for dogs when taking them for long hikes, walks or during the heat. The outer layer of the vest reflects heat and offers shade to your pup. You can further dip it in water, wring it and then put it on your dog for activating its cooling properties.

3. Dog Ice Bandana: The dog cooling bandana is placed around the dog’s neck to keep it cool. Just soak it in cold water and then put it in the fridge for 10 minutes before putting it around your pet’s neck.

With all these tips, you can take care of your adorable pup during the heat. If you can’t notice any improvement, consult a vet for a solution.