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People have all the reasons to complain about the high temperatures during summers. The beating sun doesn’t let them step out during the day and they toss and turn through the night because of the scorching temperatures. However, you can try out several methods for beating the heat and keep your cool, rather than just sitting in front of the air conditioner all day long. Read on to find some amazing personal cooling products that can help make your summertime comfortable.

1. Cooling Vest

Cooling Vest

For instant cooling relief in hot environments, you can try wearing cooling vests. Made with soft and comfortable fabric, and comprising super absorbent crystals on the inside, these vests absorb water and keep you cool. The evaporation and cooling process helps keep the wearer ultra-cool in any indoor or outdoor hot environment. They can be worn while doing gardening, welding, painting, construction, playing sports or while doing any other activity out in the sun.

2. Cooling Visor Cap

Cooling Visor Cap

These look like other normal caps and can be worn the same way to have an instant cooling relief. Simply soak it in water and wear it for keeping yourself cool in the outdoor hot environment. Cooling visor caps are reusable and economical personal cooling products that help beat the heat effectively.

3. Cooling Wrist Wraps/Bands

If you are on the lookout for a cooling product that is small and practical, then you can try using cooling wrist wraps/bands. Made of a breathable and comfortable material, these wraps fit easily on the wrist. You just have to soak them in water, squeeze out the extra liquid and strap them on. They cool down your wrists, eventually cooling down the blood pumping through them for having an internal cooling system. They are ideal for the hottest commutes, as the cooling effect tends to last for a few hours.

4. Cooling Towel

How about carrying a versatile towel around that soaks sweat when dry and cools down body temperature when wet? Toss this towel in water, wring out the excess water and apply it onto your face or place it around your neck. It would instantly make you feel cooler and calmer in a hot environment.

5. Cooling Ranger Hat

Cooling Ranger Hat

Hot climate leaves a negative impact on the productivity of workers working outside. Cooling ranger hat can provide them with an instant and long-lasting cooling relief and make working outside feasible. These hats are meant to provide up to 4 hours of cooling relief on a single soak, and the duration can be increased with a simple re-soak. Additionally, the mesh side panels on the hat increase airflow and enhance breathability.

6. Cooling Hard Hat Pad & Shade

Doing strenuous outdoor/indoor work in hot environments becomes difficult. One of the personal cooling products that you can use for making it easy is a cooling hard hat pad and shade. Soak it in water, squeeze it and then attach it to the suspension of your hard hat. The super-absorbent crystals present in the pad then continue providing cooling relief for days.

7. Cooling Hard Hat Pad

Cooling Hard Hat Pad

Wearing hard hats is a safety measure that protects workers from falling objects and other hazards at the workplace. Although they are designed keeping hot environments in mind, you can use cooling hard hat pads for enhanced comfort. It helps keep the head cool.

The market is full of cooling products but you must buy only high-quality products. You can count on a leading provider for sourcing personal cooling products of choice, which can do whatever they claim to.