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  • 5 Steps to Keep Your Flowers Fresh for Longer Time

It’s always a wonderful feeling to get flowers on any special occasion. Unfortunately, most fresh flowers cannot stay fresh for a long time. This is saddening when you see flowers losing their natural beauty after a few days. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with five easy steps to help you extend the life of your flower bouquets.

Use a Clean Container and put Flowers in Clean Water

Always use a clean container and fresh water to reduce the growth of microorganisms and bacteria that can further infect the flowers. For ensuring that the stems of your flowers are not tightly squeezed, you must choose vases with a wider neck.

Even replace the water every day to keep flowers fresh. Also, remove all debris from the container before you add fresh water to it. This will also help you in reducing the risk of infection. You may even add some aspirin tablets to the water for keeping it clean and free from bacteria.

Keep Flowers in Florist Gel

The freshly cut flowers must get the necessary nutrients to stay fresh for longer. Therefore, you must use nutrient-rich hydroponic florist gel for keeping the flowers fresh without any chances of spoilage or leakage. The florist gel provides essential nutrients and hydration to each stem even when it’s not in contact with water. This means that it keeps the flowers fresh and lively for a longer duration while transportation. However, don’t forget to remove florist gel after some time. You must not allow the gel to remain in contact with flowers for more than 72 hours.

Keep Flowers in Hot Water

Here we don’t mean boiling water but the temperature of hot water must be between 43 to 44 degrees Celsius. So, pour water into the vase along with flowers and keep it in a cool location for around an hour or two. The molecules of hot water tend to move faster through stems while flowers won’t lose much moisture because of the surrounding cool air. This method is termed as “hardening,” which helps in extending the freshness of freshly cut flowers.
If you don’t want to use the hardening method, you can simply put flowers in warm or room temperature water. On the other hand, the bulb flowers stay fresh in cold water.

Remove Lower Leaves

Another easy step to keep your flowers fresh for a longer duration is that you must remove its lower leaves that are just below its waterline. If leaves remain submerged in water, they can easily rot and can infect the rest of the plant. So, it’s best to get rid of them first.

Cut the Flower Stems at an Angle

Lastly, don’t forget to cut the stem ends at an angle using a sharp knife. All you need to do is trim the stems at a 45-degree angle. This procedure helps in increasing the ability of flowers to absorb water. It’s best to trim the flower stems immediately before putting them in water.
For sensitive flowers like roses, it is best to cut its stems underwater. This is because roses are susceptible to bacteria and air bubbles that hinder water absorption.


Keeping lovely flowers to stay fresh for long is easier than you may think. Using these five steps, you can be assured that your blossom beauties will bloom for as long as possible.